Hairless female, black and brown

Born: 15.7.2009

Birth weight:

Health: PLL - affected, PRA prcd - clear

Owner: Zuzana Veselá (CZ)

Koky is our pet and intervenes to breed


Koky, our first hairless dog, joined our family four years ago. I had hoped to try exhibitions with her but unfortunately her eyes were found to contain a genetic defect making her unsuitable for breeding, and so she has since been spayed. Even so she’s a fantastic pet. Koky can take pride in her friendly character and huge talent for various sports. Her favourites are running alongside a bike and swimming. Above all, though, she prefers lazing about on the sofa or snuggling up in our covers. At exhibitions and other competitions she also diligently. She’s cool and laid-back, and the love of our family.


Overview of Exhibitions
Date Exhibition Class Judge Rating
29.8.2010 IDS Mladá Boleslav junior Síbrtová (CZ) excellent