21/3/2016 - Both females have found new homes

Both of our girls have found loving families. Lifinka is already living in her new home full of love and Hope will be setting off for her new home in just a few days. I genuinely believe that the girls will be in for plenty of pampering from their new owners.

(Lifi and her owners)


9/3/2016 - What's new for us?

The C.I.B. of Dazhou Santa la Vida, mother of litter "A" and my little star, is now official in black and white ♥ Some dreams really do come true.

Here are a few new photos of the girls at 8 weeks.


30/1/2016 - New photos of the girls

We have added some new photos of hour little girls at five weeks to out "Puppies" section. They are growing up beautifully ♥


14/1/2016 - New video our little girls - 3 weeks


26/12/2015 - Puppies have arrived!

This Christmas Eve Dafinka provided us with a most wonderful present in the shape of two beautiful girls, Arrow Life and Arrow Hope Sapphire Star. More information and photos can be found in the Puppies section - current litter.


16.11.2015 - We are expecting puppies!

We are very pleasure to announce you that our Dafne and Izy will have puppies!

Litter "A" from kennel Sapphire Star is expecting in the end of December !!! We are looking forward to this litter so much.

If you are interested about puppy from these prospective parents, please contact me.


19.10.2015 - CACIB Pleven (BG)

What can I say about our weekend in Bulgaria? We enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed it as we always do!!! I got a taste of Bulgarian cuisine (and now it looks like I'll have to fast for a week!!), and there was even a little adrenaline, top fun,... Put simply, we went there to enjoy ourselves!!! And Marcinka showed me that she's capable handling what a year ago we could only dream of. I can't even describe my joy at her great success up against competition entirely from the FCI 9 category!!! I'm really glad that we didn't give up and allow ourselves to get discouraged.

From our trip to the show Marcinka took away the awards 3x Excellent 1, 3x CAC, CACIB, 2x Res. CACIB, BOB and BIG and in addition became Champion of Bulgaria!!!


8.10.2015 - CACIB Wrocław (PL)

On 27 September 2015 we took Dafi and Marci to a dog show in the Polish town of Wrocław. Marcinka fought her way to an exellent 3rd place and the mark Excellent and Dafinka took first place with the awards Excellent 1, CWC and res. CACIB!


12.9.2015 - Marci is breeding female!

CROJCH MNCH Xiu Xiara Avokaduh ,,Marci" was registered as a bitch for breeding. I´m sooo happy!!


26.7.2015 - Club dog show C.E.R. Friedersdorf (DE)

We took part in another dog show in Germany, this time with Marcinka. Austrian judge Edwin Deutscher was very pleased with her and awarded her the excellent marks Excellent 1, CAC VDH, CAC club and Best female! I'm absolutely delighted and soooo proud of Marcinka!


5.7.2015 - NDS Meisdorf (DE)

On Sunday the girls and I took a trip to a national dog show in Germany. Marcinka was in top form taking away the awards Excellent 1, CAC VDH, CAC Club and in so doing becoming a candidate for German Beauty Champion! Dafinka finished in second place with the title Res. CAC VHD! The show's judge was Weng Woh Chan (MAL).


22.6.2015 - Dafne in magazine Best In Show

Unforgettable days at the World Expo in Milan and meeting with amazing Jovana - photographer and editor of the magazine Best In Show, where our Dafne has a double page. I'm so proud of her! Thank you so much for everything Jovana!


21.6.2015 - National dog show Klatovy

On Sunday we arrived in Klatovy for a dog show judged by Mrs Romana Mašková. Marci (Xiu Xiara Avokaduh) put on a wonderful performance and earned herself an excellent first place and the title CAC! In so doing she became a candidate for Czech Beauty Champion! I'm very proud of her!!! Dafinka (Dazhou Santa la Vida) was awarded Excellent 4. Many thanks to Mrs Mašková for the excellent evaluations!


13.-14.6.2015 - Club Dog Show and World Dog Show in Milano

Dazhou Santa la Vida "Dafne"

Club Show - Champion Class - Judge: David Ojalvo (Argentina) - Excellent 3

World Show - Champion Class - Judge: Boris Chapiro (France) - Excellent

And what to say about the show :)) I have enjoyed it very much, I met a lot of new people, it was a lot of fun, mega shopping ...... but just total relaxation, as it should be! A Dafi? I'm so proud of her, she showed the best as can, and she enjoyed it, my model! And what my two fellow travelers? They were wonderful, full of harmony and peace ... The girls, I´m already looking forward to next time!


7.6.2015 - IHA Klagenfurt (A)

Marci and I spent this weekend in the Austrian town of Klagenfurt at a two-day international show. Saturday's judge was Garhöfer Carole (A) and Sunday's Ehold Ingrid (A). Marci took first place on both days with the titles Ex1 and CACA and became a candidate for Austrian Beauty Champion!


19.5.2015 - Staňkov and Poland

We have two more successful show weekends behind us. We spent 8/5 at a regional show in Staňkov, where both girls finishd the same and took away the marks excellent 1 and class winner. The following weekend we made our way to poland where on Saturday in Walbrzych Dafi earned Ex1, CWC and BOS, and on Sunday in Bytom Marcinka took away Ex1, CWC and became a candidate for Polish Beauty Champion!


4.5.2015 - Dog show marathon in Montenegro and Croatia

An excellent expedition to shows in Montenegro and Croatia is behind us and it was fantastic! The whole group took part, me, Dafi, and Marci accompanied by Kokynka. We had fun not only at the dog shows, but we also enjoyed it as a holiday :o)

To be honest, after having looked at the number of registered participants, I wasn't really expecting any outstanding results, and yet we got them!

In the first two days in Montenegro only Marcinka took part. She was very clever and ultimately, on the second day, fought her way to title CACIB! After that we moved on to a dog show in Dubrovnik, where she took her third CAC title, and where Dafinka was outstanding once again. Some photos from the week have been added to the gallery.

The final results were as follows:

Xiu Xiara Avokaduh: 3x CAC, 1x CACIB

Dazhou Santa la Vida: 6x CAC, 4x CACIB, 2x Res. CACIB, 2x BOS

I'm very proud of the girls! ♥


19.4.2015 - IHA Chemnitz

And Dafinka (Dazhou Santa la Vida) has another successful dog show behind her! Today, in the German town of Chemnitz she earned the evaluations excellent 1, CAC VDH, CACIB, and BOB and, in addition, in the final competitions she earned herself a place on the shortlist for the FCI group IX!!! In so doing Dafinka fulfilled the conditions for the awarding of the title German Beauty Champion!!! I'm very proud and happy for my little sunshine!


12.4.2015 - NDS Ostrava

The girls have taken part in their latest show, this time an national dog show in Ostrava, presided over by Austrian judge Sabina Chiesa-Folbrecht. Marcinka (Xiu Xiara Avokaduh), at just fifteen months old, made her first appearance in the intermediate class, where from four females she was awarded excellent 3. In the open class Dafi (Dazhou Santa la Vida) also faced 3 competitors and earned the results excellent 1, CAC and national winner. As a result she became a candidate for champion of ČMKU (Bohemian-Moravian Cynological Union) and met the criteria for the award of Czech Beauty Champion! The girls bring me nothing but joy time and time again! :o)


30.3.2015 - IHA Luxembourg

This Sunday together with Dafinka (Dazhou Santa la Vida) we took a trip to Luxembourg for an international dog show. Participation was considerable with 83 Chinese crested dogs registered in total! The competition was judged by Mrs Yolanda Nagler-Magal from Israel. Dafinka was entered into the open class where she was awarded Excellent 1 and CACL. Later, among tough competition, she also earned the award Res. CACIB. The dog who defeated Dafinka in the contest for CACIB is already an interchampion, meaning that the title CACIB was passed on to Dafi. With this achievement Dafinka, at just 28 months old, met the conditions for the title INTERCHAMPION and Champion of Luxembourg!!! I was really not expecting such great success for Dafi. I'm unbelievably happy and proud of my little treasure! Thank you to all for your support and to the judge for these wonderful awards!


15.3.2015 - CCD club show Bermolákovo (SK)

On Saturday we returned to Slovakia this time for a club show, with a Slovakian judge, Mr. M. Guniš. In the youth class Marcinka (Xiu Xiara Avokaduh) was awarded the grade Excellent 2 out of four registered females. Out of two females in the champion class Dafi (Dazhou Santa la Vida) took first place and the title CAC becoming a candidate for Slovakian Grand Beauty Champion! I'm very proud and delighted with both of the girls! I was pleased to see everyone and thank you all for a great event!! You can find more photos of the girls from this show in the photogallery.


2.3.2015 - DUO CACIB Nitra

We spent this weekend in the Slovakian town of Nitra, where a two-day international dog show is traditionally held. On Saturday the dogs were judged by Mrs Linda Voláriková Linda and on Sunday by Lithuanian judge Kazlauskaité Ramuné. Marcinka (Xiu Xiara Avokaduh) was entered into the youth class, where she was awarded Excellent 4 on the first day, and on the second day Excellent 3. In the champion class Dafi (Dazhou Santa la Vida) took second place on Saturday with the evaluation Excellent 2 and CAC, and on Sunday Excellent 1, CAC, and CACIB fulfilling the conditions for the title of Slovakian Beauty Champion!


27.2.2015 - Health

I am very happy that I can announce great news to you: our Marci (Xiu Xiara Avokaduh) is completely health! Date of examination 19.2.2015. CERF - clear Dr.Beránek and Patella luxation - 0/0 MVDr.Duchek


10.2.2015 - 2x CACIB Rijeka - Croatia

We spent last weekend with the girls in Rijeka in Croatia, where a two-day international dog show was taking place. On Saturday hairless dogs were evaluated by a Finnish judge, Rainer Vuorinen, and on Sunday by Slovak judge Vlastislav Vojtek.

Marci (Xiu Xiara Avokaduh) was entered in the youth class and did wonderfully! On Saturday she earned Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ, Best female, BOS and, to top it all off, a nomination for the worlds most prestigious dog show, Cruft's 2016! On Sunday she was awarded Excellent 1, CAJC, and BOJ, thereby becoming a Croatian junior beauty champion candidate.

Dafi (Dazhou Santa la Vida) was no less successful. On Saturday she took Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and a nomination for Cruft´s 2016, whilst on Sunday she swept the board - Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, best female, BOB and became a candidate for Croation beauty champion!!!

You can find all the photos from our fantastic trip in our gallery. It was a great weekend and I'm so pleased and proud of my girls! Many thanks to the referees for these wonderful awards!


5.12.2014 - IHA Nitra

This weekend the girls took part in an international dog show in the Slovakian town of Nitra. On Saturday Marci (Xiu Xiara Avokaduh), was once again on show in the youth class and finished in a wonderful second place with the mark Excellent 2. On Sunday Dafi (Dazhou Santa la Vida) was in her element and was awarded the titles Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, Slovakia Cup Winner and BOB in the champion class! This was not all, however, and in the final contest she proudly took a place on the podium and earned the title BIG 3!!! I'm incredibly proud of her!


16.11.2014 - IHA Krumbach (Ger)

We took the girls and headed for a club show in Krumbach, where the judge was Czech, Leoš Jančík. In the youth class, where there were a total of two females, Marci (Xiu Xiara Avokaduh) took first place and the mark very good 1. In the champion class Dafinka (Dazhou Santa la Vida) also finished in first place and was awarded excellent 1, CAC, CAC - VHD!


8.11.2014 - Dafinka celebrated her second birthday

Happy Birthday, dear Dafne! Without you our lives would be sad and incomplete. That's how much we love you!!!


2.11.2014 - IHA Praha

Over the weekend of 1-2/11 our Marci (Xiu Xiara Avokaduh) took part in a two-day international dog show in Prague. On Saturday the judge was Mr. Z. Brotánková and on Sunday Mr. Řehánek. On Saturday, up against five females, Marci earned the assessment excellent 2. On Sunday, among seven females, she placed among the top five and was judged excellent.


28.10.2014 - European dog show Brno

From 25-26/10/2014 we took part in the national and European dog show in Brno. On Saturday our little Marci (Xiu Xiara Avokaduh) was entered into the junior class in the national dog show. One of twelve females under the watchful eye of Slovenian judge Maria Kavčič, she battled to a notional fifth place with a mark of Excellent!

The next day it was time for the European show, which Dafinka (Dazhou Santa la Vida) was also registered in. The event's judge was Brigitte Bregenzer from Austria. This time Marci came up against fifteen females in the junior class and was awarded Excellent 4! In the intermediate class Dafinka put in an equally strong performance and, among twelve bitches, also earned Excellent 4!

Many congratulations to the European BOB and BOS, I'm proud of the boys and girls for keeping them in the country!!! I had a great time at the two shows and am very happy with the performances of our darling girls, especially our Marshmallow! Thanks to everyone for their wonderful company.


21.9.2014 - National dog exhibition Zielena Góra - Poland

We arrived at the national dog show of the FCI 9 in Zielena Góra, with no expectations at all. We just wanted to give it a try. And it went very well! The judge, who was very nice, was so impressed with Dafi (Dazhou Santa la Vida) that she awarded her BOB! Then we had a nervous wait for the close. As we watched royal poodles, Maltese dogs, etc, I said to Dafi "Forget about it, let's just enjoy ourselves!". And we did! Dafi was absolutely fantastic, her posture was flawless, she stood perfectly still as if nailed to the spot, and her movement oozed confidence - simply perfect! Even the referee, Mrs. Aleksandra Świsulska (PL), was captivated and chose her as BIS 3! Dafinka also fulfilled the criteria for the awarding of the tilte Polish Beauty Champion! We're very proud!!!


27.8.2014 - Champion of Serbian

Today I opened my mailbox and it made me happy! There was a large envelope from Serbia and inside a red folder with a diploma. I finally have official confirmation that our Dafne (Dazhou Santa la Vida) is Champion of Serbia, and now I can log her to Champion class. I´m so happy and proud of my little girl!


23 - 24.8.2014 - German winner show and IHA Leipzig (DE)

Dafne was excellent, amazing and great...as always! Our little Marci was very handy girl ♥ She needs to get used to show conditions and she will be perfect. She was highly praised by both judges. Many thanks to Kristin Macháleková for the best handling. Good job girls!


15.7.2014 - Serbian dog show

At the weekend Dafinka (Dazhou Santa la Vida) took to floor tin a dog show in Serbia and once again put in an excellent performance. Over the two days she came through to take the titles CAC (twice) and Res. CACIB, which on this occasion, in accordance with the event's rules, can count as CACIB. At the same time she fulfilled the criteria for the title of Serbian  Champion and in the future can enter Champion classes. That's our girl!

And I mustn't forget our little sunshine Kokynka (Constantine Rouz-Mari) who was born five years ago to this day, so, girl, we wish you a wonderful birthday!

7.7.2014 - CAC and CACIB Velká Ida

We spent this weekend in Slovakia at a show in Velká Ida. Marci (Xiu Xiara Avokaduh) was awarded the mark very promising 1 on both days and Dafi (Dazhou Santa la Vida) was awarded Excellent 1, CAC on Saturday, and Excellent 1, CAC and Res. CACIB on Sunday!


8.6.2014 - Dafi is a breeding female!

Multi. JCh. Dazhou Santa la Vida "Dafi" was registered as a bitch for breeding. I´m sooo happy!!!


4.6.2014 - Dafi is club champion!

Our Dafi, (Dazhou Santa la Vida), has been officially awarded the title of club champion and is a champion for the first time in her adult career. She can now be entered in champion classes at dog shows. We're extremely proud of her!


31.5. - 1.6.2014 - Grand Prix Slovakia & Derby Winner Show Nitra

A weekend of shows in Slovakia is behind us. This time I took with me Dafi, (Dazhou Santa la Vida), as well as little Marci, (Xiu Xiara Avokaduh), both of whom performed extremely well. Dafinka, a dab hand at dog shows, finished as usual in first place and has become a candidate for Slovakian beauty champion! Marcinka is a scamp :o))), who, at her first show, proved to be very skillful and was awarded her first badge, but we both know that we have a lot to learn together and the road ahead will be long.


8.5.2014 - Club and international dog show, Prague

Over the weekend of 3. - 4.5.2014 an international dog show in connection with a club hairless dog show took place in Prague. Dafi (Dazhou Santa la Vida) once again proudly took part in both events and on Saturday in the club show she was awarded Excellent 1, CAC and club winner. On Sunday she earned MVP Excellent 1, CAC, Res. CACIB!
We enjoyed the event immensely and the atmosphere in the ring was wonderful on both days. We also took with us little Marci so she could gain some confidence and she was in her element.


8.5.2014 - Xiu Xiara Avokaduh

In April we decided to expand the family with another female puppy and so we headed for the kennel Avokaduh in Frýdek - Místek where they had beautiful puppies with an interesting pedigree. We both fell in love with little Marci (Xiu Xiara Avokaduh) and took her home the very same day. Marci fit in perfectly to the family both with us and the dogs.


12.4.2014 - IDS Dog show Chemitz (D)

We set of with Dafi (Dazhou Santa la Vida) for another international dog show, this time in the German town of Chemitz. Dafi didn't disappoint and took the titles Excellent 1, VHD CAC, CER CAC, res. CACIB and became a candidate for the title of German beauty champion!

31.3.2014 - CACIB Dog show Luxembourg

Dafi (Dazhou Santa la Vida) and I made our way to another dog show, this time in Luxembourg. We really had no idea what to expect and seeing a field of 89 dogs I felt as nervous as if it were our very first show. Even more so when a number of dogs were awarded the mark 'very good' or 'good'. From the instant we stepped into the ring Dafi started to run like clockwork whilst I simply followed her. When she took first place and the title CACL in the intermediate class I was happy, but I was unaware that more was yet to come. The judge was so impressed by Dafi that she ended up sweeping the board taking the titles Excellent 1, CACL, Best bitch, CACIB, BOS + Cruft´s qualification and became a candidate for beauty champion of Luxembourg! I'm extremely proud of her!


24.3.2014 - Club dog show Erfurt

This weekend we set out for our first club show in Germany. And I have to say we weren't disappointed. The organisation was top class, the carpeted ring surrounded by super people, could we have wished for more? Yes we could! Obtain the last VDH CAC and produce a new German junior champion. And we did it! So the trip was very successful and Dafi, (Dazhou Santa la Vida), can now be proud of another junior championship.

1.3.2014 - CACIB Zielonej Górze - Poland

On Saturday we and Dafi, (Dazhou Santa la Vida), arrived at an international dog show in Poland, judged by Serbian, Savičič Nebojsa. Dafi was entered into the intermediate class, which included four females in all. She ran out winner of her class and took the title Excellent 1, CWC and became a candidate for Polish beauty champion in the process!

24.2.2014 - DUO CACIB Brno

This weekend, 22. - 23.2.2014, we took part in a two day international dog show in Brno (CZ), where Dafi, (Dazhou Santa la Vida), took the titles CAC and res. CAC. This makes her a candidate for Czech champion and aged just 15 months she is already a contender for two championships, (Czech and Hungarian beauty champion).

In the video gallery you can watch a short video from this show.


17.2.2014 - Fehova Winter Dog Show 2014 Hungaria

We set of for a four-day dog show taking place in Budapest. We both very much enjoyed this successful trip. I'm very proud of Dafi (Dazhou Santa la Vida). After a three-month break she performed wonderfully over all four days and earned herself CACIB with which, aged 15 months she got started towards Interchampion.

From Hungary Dafi brought home 4x CAC, Res. CACIB, CACIB a BOS. You can find out more on her profile.


2.2.2014 - Health examination

Dafi and Koky went for a CERF examination. Both girls are CERF clear. We also had Dafi's patella checked and the result was 0/0!
I'm very happy, mostly for our Koky. When we set of in the morning, I was again really worried, I prayed that everything would turn out OK! And my prayers were answered!!!!! Lanka, who wears a contact lense showed no signs that anything was wrong in her eye and the lense is in its place.
We were very satisfied with the approach of the vets, Dr. Beránek a Dr. Čáp, who during Dafi's patella examination was very kind and gentle.


2.2.2014 - New videos

We've added new videos to our videogallery, this time from our agility training.

2.1.2014 - Champion of Croatia

At the New Year Dazhou Santa la Vida, (Dafne), received her certificate from Croatia


16.12.2013 - New Year 2014

We wish you all the best for Christmas and a prosperous 2014


16.12.2013 - Website launched

The website of our Chinese Crested Dog kennel, Sapphire Star, has been launched. We hope you will enjoy visiting it.